Our Team

Behind the success of C1 Partners is a team of brilliant marketers with unwavering dedication to pursuing excellence. They have developed and implemented countless campaigns that have produced millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for different clients. Our founders have vast, hands-on experience in the most competitive industries on the market, including real estate, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, retail, professional services, and many more.

The founder of our team, Dan Smink, is a respected business leader who has been working in the marketing agency, medical device, and non-profit industries for nearly 20 years. He has developed and implemented countless marketing campaigns that have produced millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for different clients. Appointed by two Denver mayors to leadership roles in the community, his vision and creativity have repeatedly led to significant growth for the organizations he has led.

Our office is bursting with talent. We have highly trained and creative copywriters, editors, web designers and developers, social media managers, PPC specialists, digital strategists, and data analysts. Our staff is exclusively focused on growing the demand for our clients’ brand, products, and services. We continually push and probe to find all available ways to make our clients’ campaigns successful.

Our eyes are set on the ultimate goal, which is to provide you with the greatest ROI on your Marketing investment, while helping you be a leader in your market and enabling you to reach your business goals. With our proprietary methods, we work to dramatically reduce your cost of new customer acquisition, while increasing the leads generated from your marketing campaigns. We quickly work in synergy with you to deliver the results you want in the shortest possible time.

Meet Our Team

Dan Smink

Tyler Mandroian

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