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How Google’s Proximity Signals Change Your Local SEO Results

It’s always been a challenge for small, local businesses to stand out. There’s competition everywhere, and the big guns won’t hesitate to steal the spotlight. Even if you actually do better than established brands, your lack of funds and resources to promote your name pushes your business even further behind. Add to that the rise […]

Expand to New Markets with Google AdWords PPC

The digital marketing discipline continues to develop and improve upon existing strategies to keep up with the rapid changes inherent to its platform. This way, the method of promoting businesses online never stagnates. In an increasingly digital-centric world where trends are fleeting or exist solely to set up the next big thing, simply having one […]

The Key Elements of a Website: A Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

For many of your customers, the first impression that they have with your business and your brand will come in the form of your website. A well-designed, thoughtful website is the best kind of marketing tool – the one that doesn’t need to eat or sleep and that does its job 24 hours a day, […]

Increasing Lead Generation for a Local Law Firm: A Case Study

The principle of SEO is fairly straightforward: high rankings in SERPs lead to greater traffic and leads – and ultimately, sales. In 2014, a law firm wanted to generate leads through the most relevant digital marketing tactics. C1 Partners stepped in and launched an SEO campaign to achieve this goal. The Client The client is […]

Omni-Channel Marketing: A Seamless and Consistent Experience

Both multi and Omni-channel marketing strategies acknowledge the evolving purchasing process and incorporates the various channels consumers use to interact with companies (i.e. mobile and online). But, there is a difference between the two. We can make plenty of analogies and examples to help explain how Omni-marketing strategies work. Most people would compare it to […]

3 Types of Digital Revenue To Drive Your Business Growth

There are three types of digital revenue generation that business owners are seeking when trying to capture business online. Ecommerce businesses are looking for direct transactions and sales off of the web, and lead generation businesses are looking for qualified leads to sell their products and services to via the Internet. There are also businesses […]

GA Just Got Better: Rise of Google Analytics 360 Suite

Digital marketers have been reaping the benefits offered by Google Analytics for many years. This time, it seems the famous platform just got better. Google recently unveiled Google Analytics 360 Suite, a new package that includes tools specifically designed for enterprise-level companies. The goal is to create a more comprehensive platform that will simplify the […]

Semantic Search: How to Turn Unstructured Data into a Structured One

Did you know that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured? Transforming or optimizing unstructured data helps Google understand your content better. What does this really mean? Read on to find out. According to Search Engine Land, any data that has not been organized or classified according to any sort of pre-defined data model is […]

The Power of Related Topics and Semantically Connected Keywords

Keyword research is an important part of your content marketing and search engine optimization process. But there is one strategy that iscommonly associated with this, but is a completely different – finding related topics and semantically connected keywords. Google is getting smarter every day. The search giant keeps altering its processes and algorithms to provide […]

Link Building in 2016: What Marketers Need to Know

Link building is by far one of the most overwhelming jobs for SEO specialists and digital marketers. There are many resources telling you what to do and what not. For an average person, link building is a complex and challenging way to boost online presence and search rankings. But experts advise marketers not to fear […]