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Google New Webmaster Blog Update

Google’s New Webmaster Blog Warning: What We’ve Learned So Far

It’s true that obtaining links, organic or inorganic, is an effective way to improve search rankings. This is why many companies send free products to bloggers in exchange for links to their website, social media accounts, or any other pages associated with them. This is a win-win situation for both the bloggers and the sponsors, […]

Panda 101: Key Takeaways about The Google Panda Algo

The Google Panda, one of Google’s most important spam-fighting algorithms, has been around for half a decade now, and it has been the subject of more headlines than any other Google algorithm. At the start of this year, Google surprised marketers, webmasters, site owners, and even search engine optimization companies with updates about this algorithm […]

Is Apple Launching Its Own Version of Street View?

Google Maps is one of the most useful and widely used programs today. And what has set it apart from its competitors? Its Street View feature. This year, Google is partnering with the National Park Service, which is celebrating its 100th birthday. Google is said to bring more of its parks into Google Street View, […]

Welcome to The Core, Panda: What We’ve Learned from Google’s Big Roll Out

The SEO community made some noise in January, and it’s very loud. Many SEO specialists panicked, while some just got confused about one of Google’s biggest rollout – it has integrated Panda into its core algorithm. We know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. This rollout is somewhat confusing and misleading. In fact, it has […]

Return of the Cutts

Many of you may be wondering why we haven’t said anything in the past few weeks about arguably the biggest SEO event in the industry’s recent history. The reason for that is simple – nobody knew what the heck was going on. Theories, explanations, and hypotheses were flying in from left and right, while Google […]

Is Facebook Trying to Become An Actual Search Engine?

Recently, Facebook has become synonymous with online social interactions. With 1.55 billion monthly active users, it’s undoubtedly the dominant social media platform that reels in millions of monthly advertising revenue. A 2014 Shareaholic Study reveals Facebook drives 25% of all social referral traffic online compared to just 0.88% for Twitter, making it the juggernaut of […]

The More Actionable Metric: CTR Trumps PageRank for Top Google Results

“Why does my site have a low PageRank? Why does a competitor site have a higher PR? How do I get a higher PR?” It’s amazing how many people still ask these questions about Google PageRank on a regular basis—despite PageRank distribution data being removed from Webmaster Tools five years ago. In October 2014, John […]

Claim Your Spot: Making External Sites Rank High for Your Brand

Want to dominate the first page of Google?We all do, and common knowledge dictates that you build your own site, optimize it for the search engine, and pray that it does well. But you might actually have more success by creating a page on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Pinterest) and review sites (e.g. […]

Revenge of the Black Hat: Bait and Switchers Return

An old monster everyone thought was long destroyed is rearing its ugly head once again, exacting vengeance on organically ranking sites all over the Internet. Bait and switch hacking is a dark technique from the age of black hat SEO that takes potential views from legitimate sites towards the ones owned or created by the […]

Desktop Yesterday, Mobile Today: Evolution, Dominance of Mobile Search

According to Google’s Amit Singhal, there are now more Google search queries on smartphones than on PCs. In fact, they see a majority of the 100 billion monthly searches coming from mobile devices. Early 2014 was the tipping point of mobile search. We heard Google employees then claiming that mobile search queries would exceed desktop […]