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How Google’s Proximity Signals Change Your Local SEO Results

It’s always been a challenge for small, local businesses to stand out. There’s competition everywhere, and the big guns won’t hesitate to steal the spotlight. Even if you actually do better than established brands, your lack of funds and resources to promote your name pushes your business even further behind. Add to that the rise […]

How the Mobile SERP has Changed the SEO Landscape

Towards the end of 2016, Google announced what many in the SEO community had suspected for quite some time: the company uses a separate index dedicated to mobile search, and it plans to adopt the algorithm for desktop search soon. Although the move is unsurprising (after all, over 60% of search happens on mobile devices), […]

SEO Checklist

Also referred to as “search engine optimization,” SEO isn’t just a technique that businesses use to get noticed on the Internet – it may be the single most important step you take as far as your digital identity is concerned. According to a study conducted by, nearly 93% of all online experiences begin with […]

Increasing Lead Generation for a Local Law Firm: A Case Study

The principle of SEO is fairly straightforward: high rankings in SERPs lead to greater traffic and leads – and ultimately, sales. In 2014, a law firm wanted to generate leads through the most relevant digital marketing tactics. C1 Partners stepped in and launched an SEO campaign to achieve this goal. The Client The client is […]

6 SEO Copywriting Tips for Your Website

In copywriting, you have one goal: to get visitors to read the next sentence… and the sentence after that. Given that 55% of your visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website, you have your work cut out for you. Following the technical rules of SEO is fairly straightforward, but pleasing users is an […]

The Dominance of Google Mobile’s Paid Search Clicks

Google still holds the crown in paid search advertising. The new 2016 Digital Marketing Report by Merkle revealed that the search giant currently leads the industry, and it’s mainly due to the continuous growth in mobile usage. According to the report, Google still dominates paid search clicks in the first quarter (Q1) of 2016, with […]

Getting Into Google News: List Your Website and Get Noticed!

Have you ever tried looking for breaking stories and headlines on Google News? It seems more and more businesses are realizing the potential of this popular news search segment from Google. If you haven’t listed your website on Google News, it’s time to do so. Let’s discuss the guidelines and reasons for adding your site, […]

Off Page 101: Understanding Topical Trust Flow

If you’re up to speed, then you may have heard that Google officially shut down PageRank from the public on April 18, 2016. This means webmasters will no longer have access to their PageRank score. When PageRank was introduced to the public some years ago, it became the metric used to assess the overall relevance […]

SEO in 2016: Top 7 SEO Strategies That Will Take You to the #1 Spot

SEO is the epitome of change. What’s relevant and useful several years ago may be just a thing of the past now. Fortunately, not all of those SEO trends and techniques are cliché and useless these days. Most of them are still relevant, while others got a great boost and made it to the top […]

GA Just Got Better: Rise of Google Analytics 360 Suite

Digital marketers have been reaping the benefits offered by Google Analytics for many years. This time, it seems the famous platform just got better. Google recently unveiled Google Analytics 360 Suite, a new package that includes tools specifically designed for enterprise-level companies. The goal is to create a more comprehensive platform that will simplify the […]