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Is Facebook Trying to Become An Actual Search Engine?

Recently, Facebook has become synonymous with online social interactions. With 1.55 billion monthly active users, it’s undoubtedly the dominant social media platform that reels in millions of monthly advertising revenue. A 2014 Shareaholic Study reveals Facebook drives 25% of all social referral traffic online compared to just 0.88% for Twitter, making it the juggernaut of […]

The More Actionable Metric: CTR Trumps PageRank for Top Google Results

“Why does my site have a low PageRank? Why does a competitor site have a higher PR? How do I get a higher PR?” It’s amazing how many people still ask these questions about Google PageRank on a regular basis—despite PageRank distribution data being removed from Webmaster Tools five years ago. In October 2014, John […]

Revenge of the Black Hat: Bait and Switchers Return

An old monster everyone thought was long destroyed is rearing its ugly head once again, exacting vengeance on organically ranking sites all over the Internet. Bait and switch hacking is a dark technique from the age of black hat SEO that takes potential views from legitimate sites towards the ones owned or created by the […]

Desktop Yesterday, Mobile Today: Evolution, Dominance of Mobile Search

According to Google’s Amit Singhal, there are now more Google search queries on smartphones than on PCs. In fact, they see a majority of the 100 billion monthly searches coming from mobile devices. Early 2014 was the tipping point of mobile search. We heard Google employees then claiming that mobile search queries would exceed desktop […]

Making the Most of Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google has been growing steadily in the past few months, and in all fronts. Just recently, the company completed a restructuring of their organization to improve development in their various departments. It has also been churning out update after update for various algorithms to improve user experience. What many of you probably don’t know is […]

Is There Really Something “Sketchy” About Google’s AMP Project?

Unless an asteroid hits the Earth before February 2016, there’s no stopping the integration of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with Google Search. Word is out that the leading search engine plans to begin sending traffic to webpages in this format early next year, which means those who adopt it may gain a bit of ranking […]

Google: Search Engine, Calculator, and Broker

To say Google has made our lives easier over the past years is an understatement. The phrase “To Google” has caught on so much that the company is worried about losing trademark rights. From improved image search to advanced online tools, each innovation has greatly enhanced the experience of search and apparently – preparing for […]

Google Now Sends Warnings to Webmasters About SSL/TSL Problems

Security has always been a top priority for Google, be it for their company and services, or for users. The company invests a lot to ensure they are using industry-leading security, such as having strong HTTPS encryption by default. By the look of things, that commitment to security is only seen to get stronger, as […]

Is Google Now Smart Enough to Crawl Pure Ajax Pages?

Crawling Ajax has always been a tricky act that Google finds hard to perform. The difficulty stems from the very nature of this method—JavaScript. Because Ajax uses JavaScript to talk to the web server to render the page as it interacts with the user, Googlebot can easily access all the HTML content. In 2009, the […]

Webmasters, Beware: Google Now Looks Closer at Deceitful Mobile Redirects

Imagine yourself searching for a local plumber. You look it up on Google to get hold of someone nearest your home to fix your pipes ASAP. The results are out, but after clicking the first site, you find yourself staring at a catalog of modern sinks. You go back, click the next one, then a […]