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Google Analytics 101: A Guide for Beginners

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in optimizing your website with great content. You know exactly what audiences you want to reach. How can you tell if all your hard work is paying off the way you intended? Google Analytics (GA) is a robust tool that lets you collect, analyze, and measure website […]

Paid Search vs. Paid Social vs. Programmatic: What’s the Difference?

In today’s constantly evolving advertising landscape, it can be challenging for businesses to appeal to their target audience through organic advertising alone. Advertising strategies such as paid search, paid social, and programmatic campaigns, however, are proving highly valuable to growing businesses because of their ability to cultivate new leads and appeal to “bottom-of-the-funnel” customers. While […]

How To Optimize Your Brand For Your Next Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand awareness serves as an invaluable asset for any business. It represents how well your target audience recognizes your brand and how embedded it is in consumer lifestyles. Once people recognize your brand, you can develop trust and brand equity through positive experiences and perceptions. A business might pursue a brand awareness campaign in order […]

Authority Signals Matter

7 Must-Haves for A High-Converting Landing Page

Digital marketing is one of the best tools in a company’s arsenal. Master it, and you enjoy strong leads, a large number of new customers, and consistent growth. Miss the mark, and you’ve wasted a lot of effort for little or no return. A key performance indicator (KPI) you can use to measure your digital […]

5 Outdated SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2021

SEO is a good practice with a bad reputation. Just think back to the look on your face every time you get an email or automated LinkedIn message from someone that’s promising to optimize your SEO and boost your business in search results. It’s a grimace, right? That’s because too many people and businesses have […]


9 Ways to Measure Digital Marketing Success

Measuring digital advertising effectiveness can prove tricky for any business. Before engaging in any marketing strategy, a business should establish the digital marketing metrics it will use to assess whether it succeeded in achieving its goals. The metric that works best for your brand will depend on your unique campaigns, media, and objectives. You could […]

Google AMP

7 Steps to Set up a Google Ads Campaign

Trying to build a business on the internet without using Google Ads is a bit unbelievable. According to, there are over 50.5 billion web pages and over 200 million active websites worldwide. The only way somebody is going to find your website is to develop great content and advertise. You need to tell your […]

What is Technical SEO & Why is it Important?

It is 2021. Attention spans are at an all-time low, and with that, marketers must ensure that their technical SEO is top of the line. If fickle attention spans are not coddled by fast speeds, frustrations rise and it’s “on to the next.” Think of it like dating: it is all about the first impression. […]

How Important is Site Speed for SEO?

I want it now! In the age of instant gratification, most website visitors demand information at their fingertips in a split second or they move on to a website that can deliver what they want quickly and efficiently. Nearly 70% of consumers say that page speed impacts their inclination to make a purchase and that […]

3 Reasons to Start SEO Now vs. Later

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a rather complicated procedure that helps to make sure that your website is working as hard as it can. Simply put, SEO helps your website gain organic traffic. SEO works to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results by identifying keywords and phrases that are […]