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Local SEO – New Rules Businesses and Home Services Need to Know

In 2015, Google started beta testing their Google Home Services Ads program. This program works by making it easier for local businesses and home service providers in select parts of the country to attract new customers. Fast forward to present, Google’s Home Services Beta Test is now beyond its initial test phase. The pilot program […]

9 Site Speed Boosts You Can Implement Today

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race, and patience is not always a virtue—at least not when it comes to site performance and page speed. In fact, just a one second delay in website load time results in: 7% less conversions 11% fewer visits 16% dip in customer satisfaction And with Google’s mobile-first index […]

Tips & Tricks on Increasing Your Site Speed Score

It’s no secret that page loading speed is a critical factor in website ranking. Users have very little patience for web pages that take too long to load. If it takes more than three seconds, the user will most likely abandon the page and proceed to the next entry in the search results page. Google […]

How Google’s New Mobile Algorithm Impacts Your SEO Results

Back in 2016, Google shared its plan to make search index operations more mobile-friendly. It had the intention of eventually using the mobile version of websites for indexing purposes. Almost two years later, the search engine giant announced the rollout of its mobile-first index. The mobile-first index, announced on March 26, is an algorithm update […]

How the Mobile SERP has Changed the SEO Landscape

Towards the end of 2016, Google announced what many in the SEO community had suspected for quite some time: the company uses a separate index dedicated to mobile search, and it plans to adopt the algorithm for desktop search soon. Although the move is unsurprising (after all, over 60% of search happens on mobile devices), […]

The Top 10 YouTube Optimization Tricks for Better Video SEO

Three-thirds of the population are visual learners, says the Social Science Research Network. The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. It’s no surprise then that, following the explosion of mobile devices and video streaming technologies, people now spend more time consuming video content. Jumping from four minutes in 2011 to 30 minutes in […]

SEO Trends that are Shaping Search Engine Optimization in 2018

If there’s anything we’ve learned so far, it’s that SEO is by no means a static industry. It’s dynamic, ever-changing, ever-evolving. Google rolls out big changes each year, and while some updates are more significant than others, each one makes a difference in how we approach SEO. Staying on top of key trends allows you […]

Why You Need to Perform an SEM Audit and How to Do It

Search engine marketing (SEM), or paid search, has leveled the playing field for businesses, allowing small players to compete with larger, well-known brands. Advertisers prefer SEM because it is easy to set up and manage, but mostly because it quickly builds traffic. Because this advertising model heavily relies on search engines, the most popular platforms […]

Expand to New Markets with Google AdWords PPC

The digital marketing discipline continues to develop and improve upon existing strategies to keep up with the rapid changes inherent to its platform. This way, the method of promoting businesses online never stagnates. In an increasingly digital-centric world where trends are fleeting or exist solely to set up the next big thing, simply having one […]

Facebook 360: How to Leverage This Feature for Better Search Marketing | C1 Partners

It’s 2017. Snapchat is on the rise. Artificial intelligence is pointing to a brave new world. And mobile devices are forging on-the-go consumerism. But the classics are not to be overlooked—such as Facebook, which deserves credit for constantly innovating and reinventing itself to some degree. Among the social media giant’s most recent innovations is the […]