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7 Essential Tips to Strengthen Your Keyword Research

In terms of gaining the type of online recognition that your business needs to stand out, you’d still be hard pressed to find something more important than SEO. Remember that as of 2016, an incredible 93% of ALL online experiences still begin with a search engine. One of your potential customers sits down at their […]

Local SEO: An Indispensable Tool for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Local SEO is a Google favorite. Over the years, the search engine giant has shown increasing favor toward smaller, newer local businesses, giving them the tools they need to perform well in the local search (e.g. Analytics and Search Console) landscape. The latest algorithm updates focus on giving searchers relevant results, as well; and a […]

SEO Checklist

Also referred to as “search engine optimization,” SEO isn’t just a technique that businesses use to get noticed on the Internet – it may be the single most important step you take as far as your digital identity is concerned. According to a study conducted by, nearly 93% of all online experiences begin with […]

Increasing Lead Generation for a Local Law Firm: A Case Study

The principle of SEO is fairly straightforward: high rankings in SERPs lead to greater traffic and leads – and ultimately, sales. In 2014, a law firm wanted to generate leads through the most relevant digital marketing tactics. C1 Partners stepped in and launched an SEO campaign to achieve this goal. The Client The client is […]

Omni-Channel Marketing: A Seamless and Consistent Experience

Both multi and Omni-channel marketing strategies acknowledge the evolving purchasing process and incorporates the various channels consumers use to interact with companies (i.e. mobile and online). But, there is a difference between the two. We can make plenty of analogies and examples to help explain how Omni-marketing strategies work. Most people would compare it to […]

SEO in 2016 | Understanding Keywords, SERPs, & User Intent

For an industry that is more than a decade old, it is surprising how many professionals still have a hard time understanding what SEO is. To many of my clients, Search Engine Optimization is just the “internet magic” that I do behind the scenes that makes their site rank. So don’t feel like you are alone […]

PPC Campaigns – A Primer for Success

Pay per click advertising has become one of the most complex and convoluted arenas of online marketing, and even though the use and competition in this space has ramped up dramatically throughout the past several years. Despite this extreme growth and the level of professional aptitude and resources applied in this arena, there is still […]

How Small Business Can Win In The War For Talent

As the owner of a small service business, I understand on a daily basis that talent is what ultimately differentiates our business from our competitors.  It’s a truism in business that, in the long run, a business looking to create long term value competes on two key aspects of the enterprise – intellectual property and […]

3 Types of Digital Revenue To Drive Your Business Growth

There are three types of digital revenue generation that business owners are seeking when trying to capture business online. Ecommerce businesses are looking for direct transactions and sales off of the web, and lead generation businesses are looking for qualified leads to sell their products and services to via the Internet. There are also businesses […]

6 SEO Copywriting Tips for Your Website

In copywriting, you have one goal: to get visitors to read the next sentence… and the sentence after that. Given that 55% of your visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website, you have your work cut out for you. Following the technical rules of SEO is fairly straightforward, but pleasing users is an […]