CTA Type: PPC - Process

Alignment With Your Business Goals

We take the time to sit down with all of our clients and really understand their needs. Sure, we can get clicks. But if that traffic isn’t valuable to your business, it’s a waste of time and money. So we want to align ourselves with your business so that we are all swimming in the […]

Thorough Keyword Research That Uncovers Great Opportunities

We don’t mess around when it comes to keyword research. Other companies will make ads for “vanity keywords” – keywords that you really want to show up for, but may not actually be as relevant as you might thing. Instead, we really dig into the data, find the best keywords for your business, sort them […]

Well-Structured, Highly Specific Campaigns

Google Ads rates every ad on it’s “quality score.” Quality score is a metric that basically tells us how relevant the ad and the landing page are to the keywords you’re bidding on. With our SKAG approach, we are able to be very specific with our ads, increasing your quality score and helping your ad […]