CTA Type: Programmatic - Steps

Marketing & Audience Review

No marketing campaign, tactic, or strategy can be successful without an understanding of your customers, their needs, and how your business serves them. Through this lens, we look at prior efforts and how they meet industry best practices.

Opportunity Review

Whether the objectives are awareness or activity based, we can all agree that the goal of spending money on outbound marketing is to generate revenue from new customers. We show you the potential effects and benefits from your investment.


SOW Generation

We’re in the business of creation and optimization of sales funnels, and the SOW allows us to prescribe exactly what you need, with as little or as much support from us required, to impact your revenue and achieve your goals.

Business Review

We discuss your desires, challenges, and steps you’ve taken to get there that have or haven’t worked. Just like your doctor performing a check-up, we’re going to ask a lot of vital questions about the health of your business

Revenue Forecast

We take the information from the business review, and utilizing a suite of technical tools, expertise, and experience, we forecast what your revenue opportunity is with a digital marketing campaign, and what it will take for you to see success.


12 Month Plan

We lay out a 12 month plan to start achieving your goals – even if you decide we’re not the best partner for your company, you will receive a 12 month plan that is capable of achieving your results – either with us or on your own.