E-Commerce Marketing to Get Your ROI on Track

E-commerce businesses don’t work very well if you can’t drive ready-to-buy customers to your site in a cost efficient way.

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

  • Hours spent trying to understand Google Ads
  • Lack of alignment with your current marketing agency
  • Transparency with performance and ROI

Wouldn’t it be great if you spent your time focusing on new products and other channels, and not fixing revenue problems?

We love our e-commerce clients because we’re addicted to building systems that drive profit – it’s literally what we do each and every day. You don’t need to just take our word for it though, see how we’ve helped people just like you get through the mud and achieve their goals.

3 Easy Steps to E-Commerce Success

Get Alignment on your Business Objectives

Get Alignment on your Business Objectives

We start with a conversation. What do you sell? Who do you sell it to? What exactly do these people want, and why are you better than the competition? These are some of the ingredients that we can use to make you successful fast.

Drive Qualified Traffic to your Products

Drive Qualified Traffic to your Products

Now that we know who you want to target and how you want to do that, we will draw those people in with relevant ads and relevant content. Only the people who already want your product will see it, so you will start making sales very quickly.

Optimize Spend and Boost ROI

Optimize Spend and Boost ROI

Finally, we will continue to evolve the process so that it becomes as precise as possible. No more wasting money on bad clicks. We focus on people who will actually buy your product.

Schedule a time to talk to us about your goals, and we’ll show you how to get there.

Success Stories

For businesses selling exclusively into an enterprise-level field of potential clients only have so many potential customers, most marketing agencies fail to execute tactics that embraces this fact rather than trying to run from the challenges it presents. This client, a firm of implementation experts for a specific enterprise-level platform, was able to leverage our capabilities and target different messaging to various stakeholders in their target companies. This has resulted in trackable chat activity that is reducing their key challenge – a lengthy sales cycle – by changing conversations from how to work with their services, not why.

Enterprise Business Solution Provider

Breaking into – and advertising on Google for – the makeup and cosmetic industry is a challenge with highly specific needs and requirements in outreach, messaging, and verbiage. Navigating the waters of FDA and government mandated best practices, C1 was able to develop a campaign that outperformed previous efforts at an unforeseeable rate. This client regularly failed to reach monthly conversion objectives – C1’s campaign achieved this figure in less than 48 hours after launch – and for 10% of the allotted budget.

Beauty & Makeup Supply

Many companies have a ‘dream list’ of clients they’d like to work with, born out of both current sales efforts and future potential ones. This client’s industry is challenged a long education cycle and numerous “free” alternatives to their robust SAAS platform. Leveraging our messaging tactics, prior branding efforts, and dutiful exploration of available data segments, C1 was able to develop a direct marketing campaign to companies on their dream list and those in similar positions in the buying cycle. The client now enjoys a higher close rate as potential clients are educated along the way with ads and content that resonate with their specific challenges

SAAS IT Provider

We deploy the like-minded team of business professionals and marketing gurus most companies dream of having in-house. Our digital strategists walk through your objectives and how to map them to marketing activities and tactics, and then we deploy these tactics using some of the best minds and training the industry has to offer. 

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