Content Marketing and SEO

Many businesses and marketing executives hear the term Content Marketing and they wonder what it is and how it will help their other Digital Marketing efforts.  Perhaps you have been faced with the challenge of implementing Content Marketing for your company, and you are looking for some ways to address your situation.

At C1 Partners, we offer Content Marketing to clients in Denver as well as to clients across the country.  With this service, we can further increase your targeted traffic and keyword rankings, driving increased lead generation so that your website is working harder and smarter for you.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and curation of relevant and valuable content with the intent of improving or changing the customer’s behavior and/or buying decision.  Content Marketing is an ongoing aspect of your company’s overall marketing efforts and is focused on creating media that is valuable to the user so that they engage with the content’s originator. Content Marketing is designed to inform, promote, and differentiate your company so that your business or brand can gain its own identity and separate you from similar competitors.

Why Is Content Marketing Important To SEO

Content marketing is the secret to successful SEO today.  Without good content marketing, your search engine optimization will not achieve long term success, because search engines are looking for webpages with updated, valuable content.  In the early days of digital marketing, people were able to manipulate search engines through spammy activities such as keyword stuffing, massive link farming and other methods designed to fool the search engine instead of helping the user.  Before long, Google and the other search engines caught up to these methods and not only began to penalize sites that used them, but reward sites that provided engaging and useful content.  While still successful sometimes in the short term, these methods have become less successful and for a shorter time period than before.

SEO companies and savvy online marketers filled this gap with Content Marketing to satisfy what Google and other search engines have been asking for all along.  People focused on the topics and keywords that their customers were researching online, and they developed valuable onsite and downloadable content.  This content engages and educates the user, allowing them to make better purchasing decisions.

How SEO and Content Marketing Align

Content Marketing and SEO work together when each is planned in conjunction with the other from the beginning.  It begins, as all good marketing does, by understanding who the target customer is, what their issues or problems are that you can solve, and what desired solution they are seeking for their problem or issue.  Once you have developed this understanding of your target customer, you can begin to do the necessary keyword research for your content.  You can use the work you’ve done researching your target customer or some of the strong competitors for the company.  Once you have identified the target keyword terms you want pursue, benchmark where the company website currently ranks for those targeted terms.

Now that you have the targeted terms, you will want to research the pages which rank well for these terms and what content people seem to find the most value.  Look at this content and see what you think you would add to make your content more valuable.  Begin to create your own body of content that offers articles, blog posts and web pages built around your core keyword topics and related topics.

Once you have written the pages, posts, and articles, you can then begin to upload them to the site.  It would be best have those pages are loaded over a brief period of time, so that your audience can digest the content, and so the search engines see you steadily adding content.  As you load the content, you will want to be sure to effectively use internal linking so that readers can quickly get to related valuable content that would be of interest and also so that you can direct search engines to rank the pages on which you want to focus.


The success of SEO and Content Marketing are closely linked in today’s digital marketing.  They are distinct areas of digital marketing that require different but related skills and knowledge.  People working with content should be writing with both the needs of human reader and the goals of search engine optimization in mind, insuring that issues such as link building, content optimization and keywords are addressed.

The quality of the content for the readers is of the utmost importance and SEO goals should never compromise what is written.  However, you can write for people while fulfilling the needs of your SEO team.  In parallel, the SEO staff should be aligned with people developing content to ensure that they are aware of what needs to be addressed, and helping the content team reach the goals of the organization.

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